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The goddess Does not know how to tiptoe or placate She stomps her foot down And the sea moans wildly in response She cries out in bright cherry boldness And the sky rips itself open in a blistering display of rain The goddess Does not doubt herself Or play dumb Or supress her succulent sexiness, her juicy hips Her innate electric power Her stunningly accurate intuition. She is boldly unashamed, wholly unapologetic--- The goddess In you In me In all of us Screams to roam free To be Unrestrained And dance with scarves woven of soulful silk And speak her wisdom Though the mountain peaks & valleys of our every fucking day The goddess Can be heard In moments of raw rage Pain Heart-splicing beauty Shame Sadness Regret Happiness She does not distinguish She does not judge She only Is. She is the truth that whispers through the trees when we are brave enough to listen. Will we listen, will we Claim Her Power, Our power


I've always loved this courtyard garden, a simple but beautiful design that perfectly fits the location and ethos of the client. Recently learned it was designed and planted by the protean talent of @sarahpricelandscapes someone who's work I've always admired. You have to pass through the garden to get to the cafe, art shop and book shop it belongs to. I wonder how many people walk through with barely a glance. Always said you, know a design works when no one notices it. Wouldn't you agree @leafvigurs? #hergair #protean #garden #gardd #garddio #gardening #gardensofinstagram #gardenview#gardd #garddio #gardening #gardensofinstagram #hergair #protean #gardenview #garden

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